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Once you hire us for iPad glass repair  you can rest assured that our professional service will repair your cracked screen and return it quickly to you.  We are so confident in the quality of our parts and service we offer a 1 year warranty on all iPad glass repair that we perform and on parts that we replace or repair in your device.  We strive for 100% customer satisfaction so we put an emphasis on quality parts, service and communication.

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iPad Glass Repairs!

At USA iPad Repair we are the experts when it comes to iPad glass repair. We can offer huge discounts on iPad screen repair because we work on iPads across the country. As a nationwide iPad repair store we are always looking to insure our clients satisfaction are the reason we succeed! With a combined experience of over 15 years repairing iPads, you can rest assured that your device will be professionally repaired! When you need quality iPad glass repair, trust the experts at USA iPad Repair.


 Our Clients Are The Reason Why We Put Quality First!


Lisa V.

Bellvue, WA


Was able to replace my screen.  Easy and just pleasant to work with!    Highly recommend.

Jim J.

Tucson, AZ


Two screens on two broken ipads, these guys know what they are doing.

Joe A.

Phoenix, AZ


Great service!!! I dropped my iphone and the screen completely shattered. They replaced it in under 30 mins and it looked it brand new!


Lisa K.

Petrified National Forest, AZ


Replaced the glass. The rep was very personable and helpful.


Laina T

San Diego, CA


I had an awesome experience with this place. They replaced my screen fast for a totally reasonable rate. I highly recommend them.

Rick V

Kingston, NY


Thank you  very much for the.wonderful service and excellent repair work you have done on my iPad Air,  you are might definitely close to repair people and will be  be sure to recommend you to any and all of my friends and their friends. Peace over and out brothers


Greg F

Phoenix AZ


I went out on a limb and it worked out Great!    The screen had been smashed from blunt force, not just a drop.  I originally thought, this was iPad needed based on how damaged it was.   Nope!  Great Price, Great Service,   I won all they way around.  I used to go up the road but found it to be about 20-25% more expensive.  Now I found the right place to take my iPhone and iPad.


Santa Maria, CA


Did a mail-in repair from California and I was skeptical at first, but after doing further research this was one of the few online stores that had a store front. Prices were better than most places here. I sent it out via USPS within a couple days it was back in pristine condition! They even fixed the corners of my ipad. Would recommend this place for repairs! Great customer service and fast service.


Bronx, NY



Hi this is Erika again to thank you guys fixed the iPad great for my son.  I thank you soo much for your time and once again you guys did and excellent and fast job thank you

Lori E


The most reasonably priced and best phone repair I have found . These guys are affordable and fast. They replaced a lock/power button and replaced the broken speaker and it works perfectly.


Angela M

Hayward, CA


My iPad Air screen was completely smashed, so I researched screen repairs.  Needless to say, it was very expensive to repair.  I stumbled upon this shop on the internet, I read up on them and they appeared to be a legitimate business.  Eventhough I was nervous to ship out my iPad, I shipped it to them (insurance and signature confirmation). They received it on a Friday, and I got it back the next Friday.
I received my iPad Air back in pristine and like-new condition.  It had been packed nicely and securely upon arrival.
Thank you, I am so happy to have my iPad again with a new screen.

          Tastery R


Thank you David.

         Gary J


Thank you! Great bubble wrap packaging and repair!



I received it. Thanks for fixing the screen my niece is very happy.

        Sherri A


Thank u♥️

       Mitch V


Hi Jermaine,

Thanks for the quick repair!

Robin O


Hi David,

Thanks so much for following up–what a good company!

Andrew T.


I, like others who have given a review about your service, was skeptical of your low price for repairs and fast turnaround. I want to say your service is amazing! I took the chance and sent in in on a Tuesday and received it back the following Monday in perfect condition. You were true to your word and I thank you for your quick and professional service. USA iPad repair gets my recommendation to all my friends!




Thanx again. The iPad looks as good as new. My grandson is telling everyone , he got a brand new iPad.





Thank you, nicely done.



Kristin P


Thank you for getting the iPad back to quickly! It looks great!



  • Perry H.



Hi David –

I’m writing belatedly to thank you for the iPad repair – the screen is as good as new, service & speed were outstanding, and it cost far less than I would have expected. Thanks for everything!

best, Perry



  • Mr and Mrs Flynn.
  • Westfield, MA



Just a follow up from your prompt repair.  I admit that my hubby and I were skeptical about the quality and efficiency of service in repairing my iPad screen.  We had reviewed several options and hoped to find a service that did   not charge an exorbitant amount for repair.  Not only did you stand behind your website promises for quality repair, the turn around time was top notch!!!  I’m entering this review on my good as new iPad.  Exceptional exceptional job!  We are fans of USA iPad repair!  Way to go!  We will keep u tucked in our file in case of further needs stand tell our friends and family.



  • Karen L.
  • Waxhaw, NC



I received my iPad back today and want to say THANK YOU for a job exceptionally well-done and in a timely manner and with careful customer attentiveness.  Bravo!  I shall surely endorse you to friends and colleagues.






Thank you , I needed someone to fix my IPAD!  The turnaround was quick and its working great!!!!Again, thanks for a job well done!



My daughter got debris in the headphone jack of the ipad which prevented it from charging. The guys at fixed it – good as new.Very knowledgeable and friendly. Excellent service.



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This place is awesome!!!  I brought in my IPhone 5 without an appointment and they replaced the screen in about 30 mins.  It looks better than ever and it was $90, where the Apple store charges $150.  I would recommend them to anyone with a broken screen!




A perfect service experience! Super-fast turn around, clear communication (expectations), flawless repair, and very good pricing. USA iPad Glass Repair took my shattered iPad and actually turned it into a pleasant experience.  Thank you.



Unfortunately my toddler decided to throw my iPhone 5S into a sink full of water. It was completely submerged for at least 5-10 minutes. I truly thought it was probably done for good, but I decided to give this place a shot since it recently opened down the street from my house. The guy who helped me was friendly, knowledgable, & kept me updated each step of the way. He was really upfront about the costs which were reasonable in my opinion. He was able to run it through a special machine that they have that gets the phone really dry which seemed to solve the issue. Apparently they specialize in water damage. So I am a happy customer with an iPhone 5S that works just fine again & it didn’t make too bad of a dent in my wallet either! 😉 I highly recommend ipad glass repair, iPhone, etc.



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Was sitting at Starbucks drinking coffee, when I dropped my iPad. You know I got tired of looking at a broken screen for about 3 month now. When I saw this website I sent in for  iPad glass repair and they fixed it for me real good like and that was super fast!! They was very cool and easy to deal with at their iPad repair store, Good people. Also picked up a case for a great price! Highly recommend they fix my ipad.



I have been to this store 3 times now and the owner is awesome!  Will help you repair your apple products with regard to your budget.  Sold me a screen for an Iphone 4s for $25 so I could repair it myself since I couldn’t afford $80 to have him do it.  I had him repair a screen on a 5c once and he did a great job.  Recently, my daughter spilled soda on my babysitters MacBook Air.  She took it to Apple and they wanted $755 to fix it!   I picked it up from Apple (45 min wait time to pick up something they didn’t even touch!) and took it to UBreakIfix who told me they would clean it for $99 and wouldn’t charge me if they were unavle to get it to power on again.  They called me 4 days later and said they had cleaned it and were unable to get it to power on again.  I went and picked it up from them, and on a whim, stopped into IRepair just to get some information.  Francisco spent time talking to me about the cleaning and what could possibly be wrong with the stupid thing.  He told me that he would diagnose it for $50, and if they were unable to repair it, they would at least be able to figure out what chips were blown from the liquid damage and could refer me to a store that would be able to fix it.  Apple wanted to just blatantly replace every component on it regardless of whether it was damaged or not. Francisco said that probably wouldn’t be necessary and told me it would take 24-48 hours to diagnose it.  He called me the very next day and told me he had it powered on and it was running fine!!!!  He also told me that UBreakIfix had not cleaned it.  It was covered in dry sticky soda.  He told me he wanted to take it apart again and get the keyboard all cleaned up so it would not have sticky keys.  The total cost to get this computer fixed was only $100!!!! Francisco saved me $650, time and a lot of heartache because this single mom of 3 kids wasn’t going to have to figure out how to find the money to replace her babysitter’s very expensive Apple computer.  Thank you USA iPad Glass Repair!!!  You guys are my heros and I will refer any and everyone to this honest, hardworking store!!  You’re the best!




Sent an iPad in to them on Monday for iPad glass repair.  It was done Friday, cost $55, and works perfectly. Friendly service and clear explanations of what needed to be done. Great iPad repair store! Can’t ask for more than that!




Sent my iPad 2 in for iPad glass repair, they not only fixed the screen but they also reshaped all of my corners that were dinged up.  Great job if I break it again I will know where to send it to fix my iPad.




My iphone6+ became unresponsive; I had to hard boot it once or twice a day, and often turn it off and back on to complete entering a phone number or typing a text. After a couple of months, it had a complete breakdown, opening apps, dialing phone numbers, typing at length, all unprompted and without any input from me. When it had become unbearable and unreliable, I made an appointment at the help bar at Apple biltmore (I refuse to call it a Genius Bar). The very personable young man told me I was 48 days out of warranty, and proposed two solutions — repair/replace the screen-display assembly for $150 or so, or $359 trade in toward a new $850 phone. I told him that was unacceptable since the problems started while the phone was still under warranty (and I had a Verizon service call to prove it). I asked to speak to a manager, who made the same offer (and acknowledged the trade in was the same as if my phone had fallen in the toilet). I went to USA iPad Glass Repair, where the gentleman offered a replacement screen-display assembly for $150; even though the price was close to the Apple Store, I agreed. When he took my phone apart, he  saw the contacts were dirty, cleaned them, and returned my working phone to me, without any charge. I tipped him $20.  You don’t have to put up with arrogant unhelpful service advisors. Phoenix iPhone Repairs has won my loyalty and deserves your consideration.




Highly recommend. Excellent service and very reasonable prices. Fixed my iPad fast!!





Good business: quick service, appeared to be quite honest, and pricing seemed okay.

My fiance ended up breaking her charger off into her iPad mini. The Apple store told her there was nothing she could do and that she would have to buy another one. Knowing this was ridiculous she asked me to take a look at it. After failing at all the online tips, I decided to seek professional help. I first called uBreakiFix on Camelback and they seemed helpful so I drove over there. They told me if they could get it out it would be only around $15, but that they wouldn’t take it apart because they didn’t have the right tool to do the soldering needed to replace the charging point (which is strange because they have this service listed on their website for $90). I drove down, they took a look, and said they couldn’t help or get it out.

USA iPad Glass Repairs is up the street so I headed there. They informed me they could probably get it out for $50, and that if they had to take it apart to change out the charging port, they would do it for the $120 listed on the website.

3 hours later they had the charger tip out for the $50 and no additional work was needed. They did not try to up-sell on the whole charger replacement, and did not force me to open the iPad and void my warranty for more revenue.

I appreciate the service and will return if I need to.




Great service!!! Was pleasantly surprised that they would fix my shattered screen in 20 minutes!! I was under the impression it would be a day or two. I ran across the street to run and errand and came right back and it was ready to go. Would recommend them to anyone! Thanks guys!!




Super impressed by their attention to detail.

I am in town for a business trip and would have been dead in the water had I not found them.

They replaced my iPhone screen in 15 minutes! The mic wasn’t working afterwards and they figured out why and fixed it super quickly too. Even explaining to me why.

If you need a quick super efficient phone repair- look no further than these guys.




They were friendly, fast, and efficient. I highly recommend this place!




I am thrilled I found this shop and it is in my neighborhood!  I’ve never needed a service like this in all the years of owning cell phones and I was around when the first ones came out.
Been there 2x in the past 2 months.  Cracked iPhone 5c screen – fixed in 10 minutes at a price much less than the others I called.  A few weeks ago they replaced the battery which was running out quickly.  They did give me a disclaimer that they wouldn’t know for sure it that was the problem but saved the old battery in case I wanted to send it back.  It definitely helped!  The staff is friendly and professional and honest.  I was very surprised to see the one negative review this week.  Maybe there was just a miscommunication or expectations were not set.  I would go with all the outstanding reviews and ensure that you know what can or cannot be done.



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They replaced my iPhone 5c screen in less than an hour after I called them. Super down to earth staff, and at least $40 cheaper than what Apple thought they would charge me…not to mention I would have had to wait 2 days for an appointment.


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I got my iPhone 5s repaired for 75 today. It was done very fast. Great personalized customer service. Guy at counter who repaired my phone was awesome. I’m certain I’ll be back.


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Super fast service.  They replaced my cracked iPhone 6 screen fast and they charged less than everyone else I called quoted.  Highly recommend!


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    • Leslie P.
    • Fisherman’s Wharf, San Francisco, CA
    • 92 friends
    • 12 reviews



Replaced my screen with a quick and easy iPad glass repair, honored warranty with no questions asked, love this place




Called the shop at 11:30 and arranged for an appointment at 12:30.  Grabbed lunch at Starbucks after a few steps thru the parking lot. By about 1:45 my iPhone 5C was ready.  Best part for me?  Well, having my smashed screen replaced was pretty sweet….but also to watch David and his assistant as customer after customer came thru the door was inspiring.  Patient, helpful and a true spirit of serving was evident.  Thanks David for a very positive experience.

Nadine H.

                    Laveen Village, AZ


  • Excellent customer service!! I have nothing but good things to say about this place! I had an issue with my iPhone and I brought it in for repair.  We were not sure what the problem was but with trial and error the problem was fixed! Although I had to bring it in three times, I was okay with that, because it was not something that could be fixed the first time. The staff was extremely courteous and helpful. They refused to charge me until the phone was completely fixed! I was surprised, to hear that and I know if I need anything done on my phone, I will come here! Also cost was less than I expected, and the time for repair was minimal! Thank you for fixing my iPhone!!


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After reading Yelp posts, brought my iPhone in for a new battery. I was in and out in 7 minutes. Very convent. Cost me $50… Nice deal. Now I know where to go for honest and quick service.


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Yep, so I shattered the screen on my iPhone 6+…waahhh!  I called and spoke with David to see how much it would cost to replace.  We scheduled the appointment repair, since he had to make sure and have the the white screen in stock.  Dropped it off with him today and picked it up less than two hours later…like new!  Also, had them repair a malfunctioning button on my old iPhone 5 while I was at it too.  Great customer service and response to customer needs.  Thank you so much, David!




Jermaine fixed my iPhone instantly!  It had quit working at all and the Apple store told me I needed a new phone, that mine was shot.  Not so, I took it into Phoenix iPhone Repairs at 16th St and Bethany and Jermaine (Not sure how to spell his name) fixed it  in 5 seconds and didn’t even charge me!  How good is that?




I am very happy with the service I received.  Sad story…dropped my iphone and the screen went all crazy.  They got my phone all fixed up fast and I haven’t had any problem with it since.



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Overall great experience and this seems like a super trustworthy place. Hate to admit it but I needed iPad glass repair for an iPad 2 and two broken iPad minis (I have a six year old boy and I made the costly mistake of not buying a good case) to them and within a few hours all three were as good as new. Prices were very fair if not actually a tad cheaper than other places.
I would recommend them and hopefully I never have to return.




Service was amazing, Great customer service, lowest price thus far, for all the students out there take advantage of the student discount offered. Highly recommended and I will be going back there!





Great Service!  I shipped in my iPad and they fixed it and sent it back within the week!  Easiest broken iPad I have ever had repaired!




I called four different places and this one had the best price within a 6 mile radius and great reviews. It totally lives up to those reviews!  They were professional and my Samsung Galaxy S4 screen looks brand new. I hope I never have to use them again, but I will definitely recommend!




In-n-out in less than 1/2 and didn’t spend a fortune for a broken iPhone switch





GREAT SERVICE! Quick, honest, easy. Went in for a iPad Mini screen replacement and had no issues! Thank you for the service!


I’m very happy with the ongoing support of David and his crew. Jermaine was able to fix the issue I had with the screen that they replaced a few months back- it was such a relief to know I had the help I needed!!
iPad glass repair was efficient and they went above and beyond!
Definitely recommend Phx iPhone repair!!

Thank you!!


      • Marci M.
      • Manhattan Beach, Los Angeles, CA



Both my daughter and I have had our iPhones repaired here! Great, fast affordable and friendly service! Hopefully I won’t need to go back but if I do I know it will be fast and friendly service! Thank you!!!!




Great place and great prices. Had my shattered screen and lock button fixed in 40 minutes and less money than I have paid to just get the screen replaced at other fix it places. Highly recommend this place!!


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My phone was repaired and ready to go in less than 30 minutes.  The guys are friendly, proficient and FAIR pricing.

pent a couple of hours assisting me and was willing to go the extra mile for me. I most definitely recommend this place for iPhone and iPad repairs. Thanks David!



At USA iPad Glass Repair we want everyone that uses our service to be completely satisfied!  We care about the quality of our work and about our customers expectations.  If you have any feedback that you would like to share with us please let us know, we are always willing to listen and learn from your experience!  Thanks to everyone above for your business!!